LATIN Lovers Dance Programme

All You Do Is WIN! WIN! WIN!
“Make a FRIEND’s DAY” this THURSDAY!
… with 3 ways to . . . WIN! WIN! WIN!
1. Bring a FRIEND OR 2. A Dance Partner OR 3. Complete our SURVEY and

Welcome To Amigos Bailadores

VOTE for the undisputed Dance KINGS & QUEENS
based on the following:

Musicality  –  Skills   –   Passion

Topping the KING of SALSA list so far:

How about a Queen of BACHATA:

. . . Our Picks so far:


Who will you SELECT as the Reigning


Salsa Rueda WorkshopSalsa Rueda Workshop

Ballroom & Latin Dance Classes & Workshops
The Passion of the ARGENTINE TANGO
the New Salsa . . . !
Our Exclusively Argentine TANGO Workshop Series and Special focus IDTA Student Medal & Tutor Certification Training Program (Optional)Workshops cover various techniques and focus topics in the Argentine Tango.

Ballroom & Latin Music Downloads

Salsa Cruising Music CD

Best of Salsa Music CD with selected Smooth Salsa Hits, Classic Salsa and Salsa Dance Party Hits.
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SB Latin Dance "CRASH-COURSE" & Argentine TANGO Workshops

Caribbean Latin Dances & Argentine TANGO "CRASH-COURSE" Workshop Series.
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Classic Salsa Hits Music CD

Classic Salsa and Mambo Hits - Music CD 1 with a special selection of the most loved salsa music.
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Latin Lovers Dance Special

ABDA Ballroom and Latin Dance ProgrammeAll You Do Is WIN! WIN! WIN!
“Make a FRIEND’s DAY” this THURSDAY!
… with 3 ways to WIN! WIN! WIN!
1. Sponsor a FRIEND for any Monthly Dance Class Package; OR
2. Bring a Dance Partner and Register for any Monthly Package; OR
3. Complete our Special SURVEY on FaceBook / Website (coming soon); &
WIN! WIN! WIN! an equivalent Class Package for yourself FREE!
Included Monthly Class Packages: $150 / $200 / $250 / month.Register now for Ballroom and Latin Dance ClassesSALSABACHATA & Latin-Style CHA CHA, PACHANGA, Argentine TANGO Workshops and more…THURS 5:00, 6:00 & 7:00 – 8:00 pm @ ISSA’s – #130 Henry Street in POS.

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WELCOME to Amigos Bailadores
Ballroom and Latin Dance Classes in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean
… It’s Time To Unleash Your Passions …!
Amigos Bailadores Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago Ballroom and Latin Dance Classes… Engage the Sultry Side of SALSA, BACHATA, Latin-Style CHA CHA and Special Workshops in PACHANGA, the Argentine TANGO and more! . . . see Schedules & FEES!
Engage Your Core – THURSDAY’s 
Latin Dance Classes from 5:00 – 8:00 pm
FOOTWORK Cuban Roots Rhythm & Timing, Balance, Speed & Control
MUSICALITY Timing (On-1 vs On-2), Splitting the Beat, Dancing the Clavé & Congas
Register now for Ballroom and Latin Dance ClassesFREE-STYLINGMastering Lead & Follow Techniques, Rhythm & Styling, Phrasing, Feeling the Beat, Partnering for Enjoyment.

… get to the Heart & Soul of Cuban Salsa…!

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New Ballroom and Latin Dance Shoes Now in Stock

The Dance Store On-Line for Dance Shoes and ApparelBallroom and Latin Dance Classes in Trinidad and TobagoBallroom and Latin Dance Shoes, Ladies Dance Shoes, Men Dance Shoes on sale in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.

Ballroom-Latin Dances

ISTD & IDTA Dances:
Waltz, Rumba, Cha Cha, Swing / Jive, Samba and more…

Extended Dance Workshops

Argentine Tango, Pachanga, Zouk, Kizomba, Latin Hustle, Zumba Fitness and more…

CLUB-Latin Dances

Salsa / Mambo, Merengue, Cha Cha, Latin 3-Step, Bachata and others…


Dance Music CDs

Ballroom & Latin Dance Music Downloads

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Dance Shoes, Gear and Accessories.

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