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Whhaaaazzzuuuppp SalsAddicts!...WOO-HOO! It's CRASH-COURSE (CC) Season!

CRASH-COURSE Dance Programme is here again to quickly get you FEELING, LOOKING & DANCING like a STAR in just 6 weeks:
(6 Weeks / 12+ Days / 24+ Sessions)

  • This TUESDAY - Ballroom & Latin Dances:
    • Salsa On-2 l Sexy MAMBO - (On-1 vs On-2 Timing & Styling).
  • This THURSDAY - Club-Latin Dance Styles:
    • Sensual ZOUK / KIZOMBA ... see "Class Schedules" TAB fo more...
    • Exclusive PLATINUM CLUB Programme Launched (GOLD CLUB Package coming soon) GIFT a MOM. DAD or FRIEND a lifestyle boost and escape . . . click images to see details.
    • Our long awaited ‘Dancers Nite-Out’ THANK GOD IT's FRIDAY All Dance Party comes up on Friday 3rd August @ ISSA’s with lots of prizes as we feature the final leg of the “Free-Style Dance Challenge” and the best Back-in-Time & Classic Dance Mixes by DJs DARRYL, CUE-On-2 & Special Guest DJ . . . tkts available from this week . . . see Dance Challenge Format and other details online.
    • Registration for the Junior’s Music & Dance Intensive (MDI) Youth Vacation Camp continues this week for July 23rd cycle . . . Contact Us at (868) 627 4237, FaceBook, or GET QUICK UPDATES on our Message Board.
Thank God It's Friday Classic All-Dance Party featuring the "Spot-Cash" Dance Challenge - August 3rd 2018

This Week's Classes & Events

ABDA Ballroom & Latin Dance Crash-CourseCRASH-COURSE (CC) Dance Programme is here again to quickly get you FEELING, LOOKING & DANCING like a STAR in just 6 weeks:
(6 Weeks / 12+ Days / 24+ Sessions)

Full CC Programme (FP - 6 Wks) Costs:
Any 2 (of 4) CC Sessions (Tue or Thu) Weekly - tt$250/mth OR FP=tt$350;
All 4 CC Sessions Weekly (both Tue & Thu) - tt$350/mth OR FP=tt$450;
FTP / TDP Special Workshop:
Passion of the Argentine TANGO (JULY - 4 Wks) - FP=tt$250.

  • TUESDAYS - Ballroom & Latin Dances:
    • Rumba (Int'l)Waltz - Swing / Jive;
    • Samba Mambo - Cha Cha Cha (Int'l.);
    • Ballroom & Latin Line-Dances.
  • THURSDAYS - Club-Latin Dance Styles:
    • Latin 3-Step & Bachata;
    • Salsa (On 1 & 2) & Pachanga;
    • Merengue, Zouk / Kizomba;
    • Cha Cha (Amer./Club-style)Latin Hustle.
  • Inviting all Beginners & Adv. Dancers, Performers & Tutors to join the expanding programmes and opportunities . . . Looking forward to you joining the fun - Contact Us at (868) 627 4237 or FaceBook - see full extended dance classes schedule at CALDATT Members Network Members Network. 

Spot-Cash Ballroom & Latin Dance Challenge FinalsFREE-STYLE "Cash-Pot" Dance Challenge 
& Classic All-Dance Party - Fri. 3rd Aug. @ ISSA's

- Participants will be required to participate in three (3) dance categories for 3 - 4.5 minutes each in groups of no more than eight (8) couples at a time.Thank God It's Friday Classic All-Dance Party featuring the "Spot-Cash" Dance Challenge - August 3rd 2018
- The 3 categories are:  Ballroom-Latin; Club-Latin Ballroom & Latin Dance-Mix Dance Styles as follows:

  1. Ballroom-Latin:  Cha Cha Cha (Int'l or Standard)
  2. Club-Latin: Bachata; &
  3. B&L Dance-Mix:  A Dance Selection (3.5 - 4.5 minsincorporating any combination of dance styles including any of the: Rumba / Latin 3-Step, Cha Cha Cha, Bachata &/or Salsa. 

. . . more details to be Posted Soon . . . !

So we have been learning from our students just as much as they have been learning from our B&L Dance Crash-Course and Dance Classes in general, . . . more importantly, we have been made aware that our FREE-STYLE Dance Training Programmes seem to now be categorized as it's own “Teaching Style”.

Although this is a new concept to get our heads around (since all tutoring should at least follow some standardized technical or structural process), as we learn more from these shared class experiences, we are further amazed by the Eureka expressions when a previously learned dance sequence (or dance move) suddenly comes together, particularly for the more active dancers (i.e., those that have been dancing and attending other classes for some time).

Getting to the point . . . after learning so much from our students and their feedback, we can now concede that we do have an apparent Teaching Style so I thought I would at least try to highlight some key elements to our approach and philosophy to our Dance Tutoring & Classes:

  1. Learning fundamental technique is more important than learning a sequence of steps or moves;
  2. Fundamental technique begins with understanding Music, Rhythm & Timing . . . in other words . . . “what are you hearing and dancing to?”;
  3. Ensuring that you and your dance partner enjoy dancing even more than you enjoy the music . . . (no easy feat when you believe that you have to think about the myriad of sequences, steps and moves! . . . an approach that is diametrically opposed to our now conceded “Teaching Style”);
  4. Learning to Dance (our) “FREE-STYLE” FORMAT (‘Teaching-Style’) is about understanding 5 tenets - Rhythm, Timing, Execution, Lead & Follow.

We believe, wrapped-up in these four (4) elements & five (5) tenets, are the key to learning all the various dance styles, moves and sequences to allow a fun experience and enjoyment for both you and your dance partner.

We appreciate that the thought of “starting over” is a bit nerve wrecking, and although we can literally lay 100’s of “new moves” and "dance sequences" on our students, we are less likely to take this approach until the above elements & tenets can be appreciated and explored by new (and old) dance enthusiasts, beginners or experienced dancers.

That being said, our class philosophy and focus is on ensuring that students have fun learning to dance and even more fun dancing in the first instance . . . and then can confidently enjoy dancing and executing all the new stuff they learned . . . so come join the fun . . . !  - Cheers, ABDA Admin.

Thank You All for making it a Memorable Nite!Amigos Bailadores Ballroom and Latin Dance Party Tickets

1. Thanks to the DJs for the Great Music and mood all night long!

2. Thank you for the Colours that kept the spirit and mood colourful and light!

3. Thank you to our Sponsors for contributing to the excitement and success of the event:  AS Brydens, VEMCO, RoyTec, CALDATTDance Explosion, Amigos BailadoresComDevCorp, Mr. Junior & the National Ballroom Dance Association (NABDATT);

4. To you our patrons and attendees whose feedback and enjoyment have been overwhelmingly positive and gracious!

5. And to the hard working crew who had to balance work and play all nite long!

With LUV from ABDA Special Fund-Raiser in support of the Community Training Programmes!

Free-Style Ballroom & Latin Dance Workshop In Living Colour I - Bring Back De Ol Time Dayz FAST-TRACK Performance (FTP) Dance Workshop

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