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This Week's Events

Thank You All for making it a Memorable Nite!Amigos Bailadores Ballroom and Latin Dance Party Tickets

1. Thanks to the DJs for the Great Music and mood all night long!
2. Thankyou for the Colours that kept the spirit and mood colourful and light!
3. Thank you to our Sponsors for contributing to the excitement and success of the event:  AS Brydens, VEMCO, RoyTec, CALDATTDance Explosion, Amigos BailadoresComDevCorp, Mr. Junior & the National Ballroom Dance Association (NABDATT);
4. To you our patrons and attendees whose feedback and enjoyment have been overwhelmingly positive and gracious!
5. And to the hard working crew who had to balance work and play all nite long!

With LUV from:  In Living Colour I & II - Special Fund-Raiser in support of the Community Training Programmes!

Spot-Cash Ballroom & Latin Dance Challenge FinalsFree-Style (Intro.) "Cash-Pot" Dance Challenge Format:

  1. Participants will be required to participate in three (3) dance categories for 2 - 3 minutes in groups of no more than five (5) couples at a time;
  2. The 3 categories are:  Ballroom-Latin; Club-Latin Ballroom & Latin Dance-Mix Categories;
  3. For the upcoming "Cash-Pot" Amateur Dance Challenge - the required dance for each category will be limited to:
    • Ballroom-Latin:  Cha Cha Cha (Int'l or Standard)Club-Latin: Bachata; &/OR B&L Dance-Mix:  Any one or combination of selected dance styles which, in this case, will be any of Rumba, Latin 3-Step . . . more details to be Posted Soon . . . !

Free-Style (Intro.) "Cash-Pot" Challenge PrizesSpot-Cash Ballroom & Latin Dance Challenge. . . more details to be Posted Soon . . . !

Free-Style Ballroom & Latin Dance Workshop In Living Colour I - Bring Back De Ol Time Dayz FAST-TRACK Performance (FTP) Dance Workshop

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