Your Most Frequently Asked Questions? . . . Answered:

As we have been bombarded with questions from you enthusiastic but nervous carnival revelers and others, we are hoping to respond to as many questions and requests for information.  The following are a few of the most frequently asked questions . . . and then some . . . !

Why are the workshops being held so close after Carnival?

As this Special Workshop Series aim to register and possibly recruit potential tutors for dance performance and competition training programmes beginning as early as March, we are working to "FAST-TRACK" the readiness of interested dancers to begin working with target dance groups.

Are these workshops for New or Experienced dancers?

Workshops are intended to be fast-paced and as outlined in the session briefing, it is not recommended for absolute beginners as tutors are required to cover a series of technical (technique) as well as newly choreographed pieces at each workshop.

Can I attend all the workshops on every class day?

Of Course (if you have the stamina) . . . and for challenging yourself you get a special package offer for both sessions . . . (See details on the FTP Registration Page).

Why are the workshops aimed at advance dancers and tutors?

A key objective of this training is to focus on high performance or advance dance technique and choreography that is true to the genre or dance style.  This will enable dancers to perform and compete in a "Free-Style" dance and competitive environment and help to build confidence in music interpretation, musicality, rhythm management and styling.

I'm not ready to compete or teach . . . will I be able to keep up?

Of Course.  Competition training begins with the skill, confidence and understanding of the field in which you expect to challenge.  The basic training program focuses on these areas before focusing on competitive aspects at later stages of the program.

We believe that these elements will be crucial in getting dancers, tutors and competitors up to the levels of confidence and competence to guide students or themselves challenge Free-Style Dance Competitions in the format that will help dancers and competitors to compete at regional and international levels.

Will I be able to join if I miss the first or any workshop?

Each workshop session will focus on different aspects of the training program, so participants can attend any workshop and benefit from the training curriculum at that session.

Each workshop is however considered to be building blocks of the overall program, so having all the blocks in place will make the building or learning process easier and faster.  Don't worry, the team will; help you to catch-up on anything you may have missed.

What is the benefit of this program to Tutors or Advance Dancers?

As previously discussed, we are hoping to register a group of experienced or sufficient teachable and tutor ready dancers who can be engaged in earning while doing what they love.

If that can be established within the sessions then the opportunity to achieving this goal may be presented sooner for those who are ready and able to embrace the challenge.  The programme is nevertheless expected to benefit and work with those who may need some coaching and mentoring in their adaptation to the needs of this calling.

What is expected of participants who have the ability to excel?

Well, we are hoping that everyone will be able to excel, but more importantly, this is an initiation and assessment program of training that we are working to have successful participants upgraded to our DF-Level II (Performers / Competitors) & DF-III (Tutors / Administrators) with access to resources and support tools that are geared to helping them to establish entrepreneurial and income-generating opportunities as desired.  For example:

  • Tutor trainees are given access to Administrative and Management Training tools;
  • Marketing Resources including their own Dance School Website;
  • Student Marketing and Administration Support;
  • The opportunity and possibility to manage special programs of the organization and more.

Register for Dance Classes and Workshops

DF, FTP & TDP Tutor Training & Recruitment Workshops

Calling all Dance Tutors, Choreographers, Performers and Dance Enthusiasts to join our FAST-TRACK Performance (FTP) Workshops beginning on February 15th 2018.

This will be a series of 3 Workshops Sessions comprising of an Orientation, Audition & Assessment Workshop on February 15th 2018, followed by 2 Performance & Choreography Training Workshops in Ballroom & Club LATIN & Free-Style Dance Styles, Rhythms & Styling conducted for Tutors, Performers and dancers interested in advance dance techniques and performance choreography.

Workshop Sessions are generally fast-paced and recommended for participants with some experience, confidence and fairly advanced dance skills, or at least 2 years dance performance or tutoring expertise and experience.  On completion of the workshop series, participants will be given the opportunity to join the Special Performance Teams, Tutor Training TDP & FTP Workshops for the chance to Compete, Perform &/or Tutor in upcoming Special Community Events and Training Programmes.

  1. The Workshop Series begin with the Orientation / Briefing, Audition & Assessment Workshop on THURS. 15th Feb. 2018.
  2. Early Registration Package for the 3 Workshop Series is TT$150 (US$22) or TT$60 for any 1 weekly Workshop Session (6:00 pm);
  3. Option to join the adjunct Cultural & Free-Style Dance-Fusion Workshops from 4:30 pm for a Special Package for Early Registrants (B4 Feb. 12th) of TT$200 (US$30) for Full Workshop Series (3 x 3hr Workshops - Both Sessions).

Participants completing the Workshop Series will be assessed and provided the opportunity to participate at the various program levels (Focus Training, Performance & Tutor Teams, etc.) based on their experience, expertise, skills levels and their special interests.  More details will be provided at the FTP Orientation Workshop Sessions on February 15th so register early and get counted.Ballroom & Latin Dance - Stage Performance and Tutor Development Training Programme.

FTP Orientation Performance & Tutor Workshops:
THURSDAY:  February 15th, 22nd & March 1st 2018.
Times4:30 - 6:00 pm (Cultural & Free-Style)
.....&/or 6:00 - 8:00 pm (Ballroom & Club Latin)
ISSA's Restaurant & Lounge,
#130 Henry Street, Port of Spain.

TUESDAYS &/or THURSDAYS beginning March 2018.
Detailed Schedules & Locations - To Be Announced (TBA).

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