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50 Shades of Argentine TANGO 2023Discover the Passion of the
A R G E N T I N E  T A N G O 

D'   N e w   S A L S A
" It's like seeing dance through the ears and hearing through the eyes.
Nothing expresses the feeling heart better than the 'melting eye"
tt$500 per Couple (tt$300 individuals)
- Discover the calm sensuality of the embrace to touch your soul and unleash the Passion of the Argentine TANGO!
- Grab a friend and get registered to learn more and explore your senses!

GOLD & PLATINUM Dance Programs:
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BACHATA (Tutorials) KIZOMBA / ZOUK (Caribbean) Argentine TANGO Join our NewsLetter / Chatroom:

ABDA Latin Dance Classes - 2023Whhaaaazzzuuuppp SalsAddicts NewsLetter!
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Discover the Passion of the Argentine TANGO, Caribbean Smooth Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Zouk / Kizomba, Cha Cha, Rumba & Latin 3-Step and more . . . Dance Styles, Technique & Musicality . . .  see "Programmes & Schedules" TABs for more!

  1. REGISTER NOW for Certification Coaching Programmes (IDTA, ISTD, DIVIDA (Davida), DanceSport, etc.) & Special International Certifications in Dance Studies for Dance Tutors, Schools, Achievers & more - (All Optional).

  2. GOLD or PLATINUM CLUB Memberships available now and loaded with goodies . . . GIFT a MOM, DAD or FRIEND a lifestyle boost and escape - contact us to get yours!

  3. Weโ€™re inviting skilled and seasoned dancers, tutors or groups wishing to join Stage Performance Teams, TDP & FTP Programmes or our Tutor, Coordination & Administrative Teams.Register for Latin Dance Classes

NOTE:  Contact Us at (868) 222-8118, FaceBookQUICK UPDATE Message Board. CALDATT Members Network



Each Regular Class Day include 1 BALLROOM-Latin & 1 CLUB-Latin Class Session (1-1ยผ hr Each Session)

FEES: Drop-In Class Fee = tt$50 per session or tt$70 for both;  

Monthly Class Packages:

Any 1 Class-Day Session Weekly - tt$160 /mth. (4-5 Sess./mth.);

Both Class-Day Sessions Weekly - tt$260 /mth. (8-10 Sess./mth.); .

4+ Sessions Weekly (Any Venue) - tt$360 /mth. (16-20+ Sess./mth.).

* Ask about our Special Package Benefits available via MEMBERS CLUB.

REGISTER NOW for Certification & Coaching Programmes GOLD or PLATINUM Memberships available now and loaded with goodies . . .

GIFT a MOM, DAD or FRIEND a lifestyle boost and escape - contact us to get yours!

FTP / TDP & OH Dance Workshops

- PLATINUM CLUB & GOLD Members Benefit Packages

- Tutor Development TDP & FTP Performance Training

- Casino Salsa (Salsa Rueda) & the Argentine TANGO
Aficionada Dance Shoes Gear & Apparel.

We Welcome Beginners to Adv. Dancers, Performers & Tutors to our expanding programmes and opportunities . . . Looking forward to you joining the fun:

BALLROOM & Latin Dances:

- Rumba (Int'l & Amer.)Waltz, Swing / Jive;
- Samba, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha (Int'l.);
- Argentine TANGO, Latin Line-Dances.

CLUB-Latin Dance Styles:

- Merengue, Bachata, Zouk / Kizomba;
- Latin 3-Step, SALSA (On 1 & 2), Pachanga;
NYCLA & Cuban Styling SALSA & Rueda;
- Latin Hustle, Cha Cha (Amer./Club-style) and more.


  1. The Missing Ingredients (Rhythm, Timing & Musicality);
  2. Free-Style Dance Technique (Partnering - Lead & Follow);
  3. Silver-Bullet (SB) B&L Essentials Dance Programme;
  4. Caribbean Smooth Salsa, Bachata & Latin 3-Step;


  1. Secrets of Salsa (SOS) & B&L Crash-Course (CC);
  2. Zouk/Kizomba FusionCha Cha Cha (Intโ€™l vs Club);
  3. Introduction to Argentine Tango & NeoTango;
  4. BachaTango & Argentine Tango for Kizomba;
  5. SOS Hardcore Salsa (Technique & Styling);
  6. Performance, FTP, TDP & B&L Certification Training.

Register for Latin Dance ClassesContact Us at (868) 490 1568 or FaceBook- see extended dance schedules at CALDATT Members Network Members Network.

Performers, Tutors, Trainers & Students can register for programme credits towards Assessment & Certification Programmes (Optional) as well as Dance Studies (Practicum) International Certification (CALDATT/CID)

Ballroom & Club LATIN DANCE Coaching & Certification Programs

BALLROOM-Latin Dances - Medal Tests & Class Examinations:- ABDA generally follows the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) syllabi with special focus on the Ballroom-Latin Dances and a few of our Ballroom Favorites:
  -  Rumba (Int'l & Amer.)Waltz, Swing / Jive;
  -  Samba, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha (Int'l.);
  -  Argentine TANGO, Latin Line-Dances.

CLUB-Latin Dances - Medal Tests & Class Examinations:
- We add our special blend of Caribbean Flavor, Rhythm & Styling to the various CLUB-Latin Dances, that transcend the basic to advance levels set by the various certification and assessment bodies, to help students and tutors alike to excel to high-performance, professional and an accelerated achievement pathway to their desired goals:
  -  Merengue, Bachata, Zouk / Kizomba;
  -  Latin 3-Step, SALSA (On 1 & 2), Pachanga;
  -  NYCLA & Cuban Styling SALSA & Rueda;
  -  Latin Hustle, Cha Cha (Amer./Club-style)


  1. The Missing Ingredients (Rhythm, Timing & Musicality);
  2. Free-Style Technique (Lead & Follow, Speed, Balance & Control);
  3. Silver-Bullet (SB) Dance Program โ€“ Essential Ballroom & Latin Rhythms;
  4. Caribbean Smooth Salsa (On 1 & 2), Bachata & Latin 3-Step.Register for Latin Dance Classes

Open House (OH) Workshops:

  1. Secrets of Salsa (SOS) & Latin Dance Crash-Course (CC);
  2. Zouk & Kizomba FusionCha Cha Cha (Intโ€™l vs Club) Styling ;
  3. BachaTango and Argentine Tango Technique & Styling for Kizomba;
  4. Introduction to NeoTango (Narcotango, Improvisation & Free-Styling);
  5. SOS Hardcore Salsa โ€“ Cumbia, Pachanga & Salsa Rueda (Casino Salsa);
  6. FTP Performance, TDP and Certification Training Programmes.
  7. Performers, Tutors, Trainers & Students can register for program credits towards Assessment & Certification Programmes (Optional) as well as Dance Studies (Practicum) International Certification (CID) with CALDATT.

FTP - Fast Track Performance & TDP - Tutor Development Training ProgrammesFast-Track Performance (FTP) / Tutor Development Programme (TDP)

1.   REGISTER NOW for CLUB-Latin Certification & Coaching Programmes โ€“ for those wishing to Challenge Dance Certification Programmes in the coming period.

2.   Can you Get Up To Speed and Ready For the STAGE & LIVE Performances??? . . . Get Ready for the Resurgence of the MAESTROS - the "Men in Black" . vs . the "DIVAs"

. . . Inviting Seasoned Dancers & Choreographers who are fearless, confident, skilled and ready to perform, compete, teach or simply excel and rise to the challenge of mastering 0-60 Performance Choreography in a broad range of dance styles . . . be a Performance MAESTRO or DIVA! . . . all welcomed.

. . . Performance & Choreography Training & Rehearsals . . . for interested dance enthusiasts, performers, groups, tutors and advanced dancers . . . so get on board now and be a part of live stage performances!

. . . B&L Performance DancesRumba / Latin 3-Step, Hustle, Salsa / Rueda, Cha Cha Cha, Bachata, Kizomba / Zouk, Argentine Tango & Latin Dance-Mix Performances!

3.  FTP / TDP Performance & Tutor Training Workshops  

Contact Us at (868) 490 1568 | FaceBook, | QUICK UPDATES Message Board - Join our NewsLetter / Chatroom: 


ABDA Club Members PackagesABDA Members Club BenefitsMessage or Chat with us LIVE!
GOLD  & PLATINUM  Member Cards ($300) or Special PLATINUM PRO  Membership - ($360) for qualified members.

Get Your Membership & GIFT CARDS loaded with great benefits including:

  1. Access to Special Bonus Class Credits & FREE Classes;
  2. 10-20% Special Discounts on ABDA Events & Activities;
  3. Guest-Passes for the introduction of New Attendees;
  4. Make-up Sessions for missed Class Package Sessions;
  5. Access to any Class Venue for Class Package Attendance;
  6. Exclusive Access to Special Workshops & Classes (Platinum Members);

Amigos Bailadores (ABDA) - Discover & Experience Dance Differently - AmigosBDA.com

NOTE:  Membership Cards remain current or valid for concurrent monthly class attendance.  Any concurrent breaks will attract a card Renewal Fee. 

REGISTER NOW and select GOLD or PLATINUM Membership.

So we have been learning from our students just as much as they have been learning from our B&L Dance Crash-Course and Dance Classes in general, . . . more importantly, we have been made aware that our "FREE-STYLE Dance Programmes" seem to now be categorized as it's own โ€œTeaching Styleโ€.Ballroom & The Passion of the Argentine TANGO.

Although this is a new concept to get our heads around (since all tutoring should at least follow some standardized technical or structural process), as we learn more from these shared class experiences, we are further amazed by the Eureka expressions when a previously learned dance sequence (or dance move) suddenly comes together, particularly for the more active dancers (i.e., those that have been dancing and attending other classes for some time).

Getting to the point . . . after learning so much from our students and their feedback, we can now concede that we do have an apparent โ€œTeaching Styleโ€, so I thought I would at least try to highlight some key elements to our approach and philosophy to our Dance Tutoring & Classes:
1. Learning fundamental technique is more important than learning a sequence of steps or moves;
2. Fundamental technique begins with understanding Music, Rhythm & Timing . . . โ€œwhat are you hearing and dancing to?โ€;
3. Ensure that you and your dance partner enjoy dancing even more than you enjoy the music . . . (no easy feat when you believe that you have to think about the myriad of sequences, steps and moves! . . . an approach that is diametrically opposed to our now conceded โ€œTeaching Styleโ€);
4. Learning to Dance (our) โ€œFREE-STYLEโ€ FORMAT (โ€˜Teaching-Styleโ€™) is about understanding 5 tenets - Rhythm, Timing, Execution, Lead & Follow.

We believe, wrapped-up in these four (4) elements & five (5) tenets, are the key to learning all the various dance styles, moves and sequences to allow a fun experience and enjoyment for both you and your dance partner.

Injecting the missing ingredients . . . we appreciate that the thought of โ€œstarting overโ€ is a bit nerve-wracking, and although we can literally lay 100โ€™s of โ€œnew movesโ€ and "dance sequences" on our students, we are less likely to take this approach until the above elements & tenets can be appreciated and explored by new (& old) dance enthusiasts, beginners or experienced dancers.

That being said, our class philosophy and focus is on ensuring that students have fun learning to dance and even more fun dancing in the first instance . . . and then can confidently enjoy dancing and executing all the new stuff they learned . . . so come join the fun . . .
Message or Chat with us LIVE!Cheers!  - ABDA Admin.

Thank You All for making it Memorable!

To you our patrons and attendees whose feedback and enjoyment have been overwhelmingly positive and gracious! . . . and to the hard working crew who balance work and play . . . With LUV from ABDA!
TDP - Tutor Development Training Programme2019 ABDA Ballroom & Latin Dance ProgrammeAmigos Bailadores Ballroom and Latin Dance Party Tickets

Thank God It's Friday Classic All-Dance Party featuring the "Spot-Cash" Dance Challenge - August 3rd 2018

Free-Style Ballroom & Latin Dance WorkshopIn Living Colour I - Bring Back De Ol Time Dayz


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Ballroom & Latin Dance Classes

ISTD & IDTA Dances: Waltz, Rumba, Cha Cha, Swing / Jive, Samba and more…

Extended Dance Workshops

Argentine Tango, Pachanga, Zouk, Kizomba, Latin Hustle, Zumba Fitnessย and more…

CLUB-Latin Dances

Salsa / Mambo, Merengue, Cha Cha, Latin 3-Step, Bachata and others…

Music & Rhythm Interpretation, Dance Technique, Timing & Styling in popular B&L Dance Styles:

Sept. 2019 ABDA Dance ProgrammeABDA Platinum Dance ProgrammeAmigos Bailadores Ballroom & Latin Dance Classes



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Amigos Bailadores Ballroom & Latin Dance Program

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