ABDA Ballroom and Latin Dance ClassesAmigos Bailadores Ballroom & Latin Dance Classes

 1.  Ballroom-Latin:  Rumba & Cha Cha Cha (International Style), Mambo-on-2, Jive, Samba, Viennese Waltz;

2.  Club-Latin: Merengue, Salsa/Mambo, Swing/Jive, Bachata, Cha Cha Cha (American Style), Latin 3-Step, Zouk, Kizomba, Bachata and more;

3.  International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) – Dance Certification & Medal Test Programme Modules (Optional) in:

   a) The Argentine TangoRegister Now for the next Argentine Tango Module

   b) International Ballroom-Latin Dances: Rumba, Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Jive & Paso Doble.

   c) Club-Latin Dances: Merengue & Mambo/Salsa.

4.  Special Focus Dances such as Salsa Rueda (Casino Salsa), Cha Cha Rueda, Zumba & more;

Each Module is administered at Beginner Levels I & II or at Intermediate Levels I & II progressively to Competitive & Stage Performance and Tutor or Professional Levels.

–  Our Dance Programmes are a fast start to certification Session 1 at each class venue focuses on Ballroom-Latin Dances and Session 2 on the Club-Latin DancesClasses will be for all levels (Beginners to Intermediates)

– There are also special packages should you wish to attend classes at several or different venues and for unlimited weekly dance options so you can cover allot in a short time. Looking forward to you joining us.Register for Dance Classes and Workshops

Also look-out for our ‘Tango-Salsa Dance Fusion’ Programme along with our continuing Levels I & II – and now beginning – Level III Argentine Tango Workshops and dance programme in Port of Spain and Macoya. Workshops are open to all (experience dancers or not) so don’t miss your chance to learn the Dance of Passion.  


1.  $40 per session (1 – 1¼ hrs) or if one decides to do both of  Sessions I & II  $70 for both Sessions (2½ – 3 hrs) on any given Class Day.  Occasional variations may be expected on this based on the particular Training Programme for the given class day.

2. $150 per person monthly for 1 Session weekly on a given class day.  $250 per couple if you register and attend classes as a couple (m/f).  This option will be for either of Session I OR II falling on the chosen weekly class-day in the given calendar month.  This package provides for substitution of a maximum of 1 alternating class session as a make-up for any / all missed classes on the scheduled package. 

NOTE:  Substitution / Make-Up class is not applicable on a 5 class day calendar month. A Current Student is one who has registered and attended regular classes during the previous 4-6 weeks.

3.  $250 (monthly) per person for both Session I & II weekly at any single class venue.  $450 per couple if you register and attend classes as a couple (m/f).  Special Workshops are however excluded from this Package and is paid for independently but at a privileged or special “current” student rate.

4.  $350 per month to do whatever you wantwhenever you wantwherever you want and for however long you want” (Workshops included).  This is a per person cost with a discounted rate for couples being $320 each.

5.  Special Dance Workshops are priced as they occur with special pricing available to “current” students.

Amigos Bailadores Dance Classes

Recruiting Tutor Trainees, Administrators, Dedicated Performers and Dancers

     We are looking for Intermediate and Advance Level Dancers with a high level of dedication and commitment necessary to join our Tutor Trainee and/or Stage Performance Crew for up-coming Stage Performances and Events. So if you think you are skilled, dedicated and brave enough to stand the challenge then this is your time to step-up and be counted.

     Dancers must have completed at least ABDA’s Intermediate Level I, or must be enrolled in the current Intermediate Dance Programme to qualify. So if you believe that you are disciplined, dedicated and committed enough, and are prepared to work diligently towards raising your skills level to Perform, Compete or Tutor in the near future, then this is your time to step-up and be counted.

So give us a call or pass the information on to anyone you think may be up to the task, or come on down yourself and join the team.

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