Discover the Passion of the A R G E N T I N E  T A N G O 
. . . t h e   N e w   S A L S A . . .
” It’s like seeing dance through the ears and hearing through the eyes.
Nothing expresses the feeling heart better than the ‘melting eye”Discover the PASSION of the Argentine TANGO

Rules of Argentine Tango Milonga

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“Learn to Dance the  Argentine  TANGO” 
A Dancer is more than an organism that merely reacts to sensory information, he also makes a personal interpretation for telling the story of the music. The Dancer has to catch the spirit of the music, the soul, and not just dance to the beat.

A good dancer is one who makes you see the music from inside out. The senses need to become conscious and this being sensible must be combined with the ability to direct attention in a self chosen direction, consciously.

Passion of Argentine Tango 3Passion of Argentine Tango 5

To make it a living, ongoing event, there must be this, rather magical internal trigger for action. The magical effect of music on people can in many cases be related to the music’s narrative content, the spirit or spatial message. In hearing music, there are two simultaneous streams of information through the ears – in music that is heard and in thinking music entirely in our brain. 
Stream 1 is the repetitive pulse (or beat). This is the unrolling canvas so to speak onto which the story of the music – Stream 2 is written or painted. The canvas –the pulse – represents who is telling the story and can be repetitive and constant, but the story develops, changes and contrasts. It has a beginning, a middle and an end.
The pulse however goes on throughout, repetitively, and has no middle that coincides with the middle of the story. The central nervous system treats those two streams differently. The pulse will tend to go to the feet, the second stream conveys the unfolding story, with Phrasing becoming part of the story stream.

Passion of Argentine Tango 1

As a couple connects with SALSA, the Pulse drives the rhythm of the dance, but the Dancer tells the story with their Interpretation of Stream 2, where they, Reflect, Punctuate and Transcend the dance. All Tangos have a 2×4 rhythm, yet each Tango has a different narrative content which changes the dancing and allows each couple to dance the same tango in another way – with personalized phrasing – as they feel the music differently.

Passion of Argentine Tango 4Passion of Argentine Tango 2

This is the highest level of Dance that the True Salsa Dancer aspires to achieve. On nearing or achieving this level, a new plateau emerges, where the Argentine TANGO begins . . . the Next Level . . . !


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