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ABDA Dance Classes - Ballroom & Latin Dance StylesRe-Discover the JOY of LATIN DANCING – THURSDAYs
SB Ballroom & Latin Dance Classes

Designed not only to get new enthusiasts dancing quickly, but to also help experienced dancers develop and refine their Latin dance skills . . . Lock-In to Special Advance Registration Package Offers!listed in your below Registration Confirmation Email.

Give a gentle push to your Shy Dance Partner with ABDA Class Vouchers – Give us a call (868 490 1568) for your personalized Gift Certificate.  Register for Dance Classes Now & GET 15% – 30% Discounts & Credits!


Advance Registration Special Packages
Each Class Day (5 – 8 pm) will have 2 Workshop Sessions (5:00 – 6:30 pm & 6:30 – 8:00 pm).

Special Workshops on Thursdays (5-8 pm) which comprise 2 Workshop Sessions (1 & 1/2 hrs each) in the different Latin Dance Rhythms as occasionally scheduled.
TT$   $50 Per Workshop Session
$200 for Argentine TANGO / $150 for other scheduled Latin Dance Workshop Sessions;
 $300 – FULL Thursdays CRASH-COURSE Programme which covers both Thursdays’ Workshop Sessions. 

Exclusively Argentine TANGO Programme Module with Special IDTA Focus Training (Optional) and the Int’l Style Ballroom-Latin & Club Latin Dances Special Student Package Rate available for Current Students & Members already registered in other ABDA Classes:

A Dancer is more than an organism that merely reacts to sensory information, he also makes a personal interpretation for telling the story of the music. The Dancer has to catch the spirit of the music, the soul, and not just dance to the beat. A good dancer is one who makes you see the music from inside out. The senses need to become conscious and this being sensible must be combined with the ability to direct attention in a self chosen direction, consciously.

Passion of Argentine Tango 3Passion of Argentine Tango 5

To make it a living, ongoing event, there must be this, rather magical internal trigger for action. The magical effect of music on people can in many cases be related to the music’s narrative content, the spirit or spatial message. In hearing music, there are two simultaneous streams of information through the ears – in music that is heard and in thinking music entirely in our brain.

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