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Welcome to Amigos Bailadores Dance Associates Ballroom & Latin Dance Classes in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean.

BALLROOM & CLUB LATIN DANCE PROGRAMMESRegister for Dance Classes and Workshops

1. BEGINNERS I:  Merengue / Rumba / Salsa / Cha Cha Cha / Bachata – Introductory Sessions.
2. BEGINNERS II:  Merengue / Salsa / Mambo / Rumba / Cha Cha Cha / Bachata – Partnering Transitions.
3. INTERMEDIATE I:  Merengue / Salsa / Mambo / Latin 3-Step / Bachata / Cha Cha / Argentine TANGO Technical & Drill Sessions.
4. INTERMEDIATE II:  Salsa / Latin 3-Step / Swing-Jive / Waltz / Samba / Argentine Tango / Pachanga / Salsa Rueda Technical Sessions.
5. ADVANCE:  Group Synchronization, Advance Techniques, Competition Styling, Presentation & Show Routines.

ORDER an ABDA Dance Class Gift Voucher6. WORKSHOPS:  Waltz / Samba / Argentine Tango / Swing – Jive / Latin-Hustle / Bachata / Zouk / Kizomba / Salsa Rueda / Pachanga and more . . . Including Competition Styling and Stage Performance Routines.
NOTE: It is intended that by completion of INTERMEDIATE Level II Classes, students will have the necessary skills to further improve their dancing on their own. It is not required that he/she continue on to ADVANCE Classes. These Sessions (Advance) are therefore reserved for those interested in tutoring or in continuing on to stage performances, competitions and group demonstrations.  Give a gentle push to your Shy Dance Partner with ABDA Class Vouchers – Give us a call (868 627-4237) for your personalized Gift Certificate.

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