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Latin Dancing is EZ!

It All Begins This SUNDAY!
So You Coming or What?!?

We resume our “LATIN DANCING IS EZ” CRASH-COURSE (CC) Workshops this SUNDAY 2nd AUGUST . . . and to make good on our promise of a Special Offer to Past CC Students in March 2020:

  1. Special 50% Discounted Cost for the same (All CC Sessions) or any Monthly Programme Package Cost for August 2020 . . . OR
  2. In addition to the 3 completed March CC Workshops for those who previously registered for the Monthly Packages . . . You get the 1st two (2) upcoming Workshops Free of Charge . . . OR
  3. All Previous CC Participants now Registering for Monthly Packages (All CC Sessions), . . . will also be awarded FREE CLUB Membership for Special Member Discounts on Future Programme Packages.

????? ???????? & ????????????? – Our (Covid Rehabilitation) LATIN DANCING IS EZ ????????? ??? ????? ?? . . . with confirmation also coming from the Facilities as follows:

?. As a Private Members Facility, the Gym operates within protocols that allows for our Sessions to continue as planned with the provided guidelines until further notice;

?. Folks are encourage to walk with (easy breath) masks and other sanitizers (swipes, hand towels, etc.) that will appeal to your personal comfort;

?. The Gym continues to provide the usual (which was previously far beyond most facilities) and even more heightened sanitation measures in keeping with the current environment;

?. Temperature scans are to be taken on entry (so don’t run to the venue) ;

?. The Workshop Sessions & Training Programme will also be conducted in keeping with the above;

?. Dress comfortably and be ready to build a sweat (bring your rag), as this will be a workout dance session with style!

A. We agreed that until the Covid concerns have better stabilized – ?? ???????? ???????? ???? ???????? ?? ??????? ???? for the time being – ??? ????? ????? ????????? ???? ?? ????????? ??? ???!

B. We also agree that Covid will be with us for a while (the proverbial “new normal”) and that our rebranded ? “????? ??????????????” Programme is one option to “?????? ???? ???? ???? ????” . . . and get that workout you have been longing for (??? ????? ???????!)?

C. We encourage you to participate with all necessary precautions, . . . and with confidence that our Workshops Series Programme & Structure also accommodates these considerations.?

D. So we go for our ?? ????? ????????? ??????? ?? (Bachata Styling) ???? ?????? ?????? with the hope / expectation that all will go well to allow it! . . . ?? ??? ?????? ?? ????!⁉️? https://AmigosBDA.com/Register/

E. Feel free to reach out with any other concerns and we will continue to keep all updated ? – Join our NewsLetter for instant updates at: https://chat.whatsapp.com/IZ9EzJGlkMA5veXDjfhgpZ

REGISTER NOW for this 5-Week LATIN DANCE CRASH-COURSE Challenge (Bachata / Kizomba / SALSA) . . . (Special Covid Protocols Apply) . . . Like our FaceBook Page & Complete Registration below for updates.

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Your Friend in Dance!
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Latin Dance Crash-Course (CC) WorkshopsLET’S EASE BACK INTO LIFE!

   LATIN DANCE IS EZ – CRASH-COURSE (CC) Workshops begin this coming Sunday 2nd AUGUST . . . so it’s time to get your energy levels back up to speed and burn some of that Covid-induced weight-gain!

REGISTER NOW for the 5-Week LATIN DANCE CRASH-COURSE Challenge (Bachata / Kizomba / SALSA) . . . (COVID Protocols Apply).

Like our FaceBook Page & Confirm Your Registration by completing the form below for all necessary updates and follow-up information.
Your Friend in Dance!
ABDA Admin.

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Join our NewsLetter / Chatroom:
GET YOUR DAILY FIX OF VIDEOS for your entertainment & edification in keeping with our focus on rhythm, timing & musicality . . . so stay tuned – visit often for newer selections & enjoy:

BACHATA (Tutorials)
KIZOMBA / ZOUK (Caribbean)
Argentine TANGO
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Message or Chat with us LIVE!What is the Best & Quickest Way to Learn to “LATIN DANCE”?!?!

DANCING is EZ! … if you explore ??? ??????? ?? ????? and simple formula that makes learning to dance and Latin Dancing – SIMPLE & EAZY – for not just one … but pretty much all of the Latin Dance Styles … ᴀɴᴅ ᴡᴇ ʜᴀᴠᴇɴ’ᴛ ʙᴇᴇɴ ᴘʀᴏᴠᴇɴ ᴡʀᴏɴɢ ɪɴ ᴏᴠᴇʀ 20 ʏᴇᴀʀs!!!

* Dancing & Learning to Dance is very personal and therefore does not have a fixed or set pattern that fits everyone.

The approach to learning (or teaching) dance should therefore take on a personal or bespoke approach if it is to get an ‘individual’ or ‘student’ to be able to perform similar, complimentary or even better than other dancers … Learning to dance is therefore more about how one can be exposed or learn to:Salsa, Kizomba & Bachata Crash-Course (CC) Dance Workshops - www.AmigosBDA.com

  1. Understand Fundamental Technique Posture, poise, rhythm movement, etc., which should come before, and is much more important than, learning a sequence of dance steps or moves;
  2. Fundamental technique begins with understanding Music, Rhythm, Timing & Musicality . . . “what you are hearing and dancing to?”;
  3. Enjoy Dancing . . . but even more . . . listen to and enjoy the music, … as dancing (Latin Dance in particular) is still all about the music;
  4. Learn to Dance “FREE-STYLE” TECHNIQUE & FORMAT to make your learning process quick & simple through your understanding of Rhythm & Timing (musicality), Execution, Lead & Follow.

We believe that after injecting these ingredients . . . we can then lay 100’s of “new moves” and “dance sequences” on our students with confidence that their dancing can be better appreciated and mastered.

Our class philosophy and focus is therefore on ensuring that students have fun learning to dance and even more fun and confidence to enjoy dancing while executing all the new stuff they learned . . . Join our NewsLetter / Chatroom:

(0 to 60 / Beg. to Adv.)CC-August-2020

ABDA Dance School & Organization focus on “PROFESSIONAL DANCE TUITION” – with proven reputation and confidence we host the “??????? ?? ??” Crash-Course (CC) Workshop Series (0 to 60 / Beg. to Adv.) in the ???????, BACHATA & SALSA / MAMBO!

– LEARN TO DANCE the popular Latin Dance Styles easily & quickly, by focusing on the root dance rhythms, understanding musicality and learning the core blended structures of these popular Latin-Fusion Dance Styles.

This LATIN DANCE CRASH-COURSE (CC) and Dance Classes in general, introduces our “FREE-STYLE” & “CARIBBEAN SMOOTHDance Programmes which focus on the core Techniques and Structures that allow participants to quickly learn not just the Focus Workshop Styles, but the fundamental elements that allow them to master all the related Latin Dances easily and quickly.

?ATIN ??????? ?? ??!!! – ?? ???? ?? ??? ??? ??? ???? ?????? ?? ??? ??? ?? ????? ?? ????? . . . as we begin with the KIZOMBA => BACHATA => SALSA Crash-Course (CC) Journey that will have you Dancing Like a STAR in no time!

  • ANY 5 CC WORKSHOPS = tt$200 . . . or Special MEMBERS CLUB PACKAGE = tt$300 All Access Pass (SUN & THUR or TUES) . . . Per Session CC Workshops = tt$50 . . . Join our NewsLetter / Chatroom:

“Fast-Track” (FTP), “Open-House” (OH) & “Crash-Course” (CC) DANCE WORKSHOPSCC-August-2020

ABDA Dance Workshops are extended Sessions that focus on Special Dance Styles, Techniques or Skills-Set and are generally conducted over 2 hrs and on occasion 3 hrs in duration.

These workshops are generally faster-paced and concentrated class sessions spanning materials that are usually covered over several of our regular classes. 

Workshop Sessions can accommodate from Absolute Beginners to Advance Dancers, as the materials and activities cover a wide range of skills and techniques comprising 3 Key Elements beginning with:

  1. An Introduction to the Focus Dance Style and it’s Musical Characteristics – Rhythm, Timing & Musicality incorporating Dance Movement.
  2. The 2nd Stage focus on the Characteristics of the Selected Workshop Dance Style – Techniques or Skills-Set and the execution of related elements of the Selected Dance Style;
  3. Intermediate to Advance Dance Moves, Combinations & Styling.


“Next-Level” & “Silver-Bullet” DANCE CLASSESABDA Dance Classes - Ballroom & Latin Dance Styles

On each Regular Class Day we offer:

Fast-Track Performance (FTP) / Tutor Development Programme (TDP)FTP - Fast Track Performance & TDP - Tutor Development Training Programmes

1. We provide BALLROOM & LATIN DANCE Certification & Coaching Programmes for those wishing to Challenge Professional Dance Certification and their Professional or Career Development.

2.   We can Get You Up To Speed and Ready for the STAGE & LIVE Performances??? . . . we Invite Seasoned Dancers & Choreographers who are fearless, confident, skilled and ready to perform, compete, teach, or to simply excel and rise to the challenge of mastering 0-60 Performance Choreography in a broad range of dance styles.  

3.  We offer FTP / TDP Performance & Tutor Training Workshops for B&L Performance Dances:  Rumba / Latin 3-Step, Hustle, Salsa / Rueda, Cha Cha Cha, Bachata, Kizomba / Zouk, Argentine Tango & Latin Dance-Mix Performances! . . . Join our NewsLetter / Chatroom:


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