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 Tutor Development & Advance Training (TDP) Programmes 

  • We strongly recommend that participants of the FTP attend with a Partner (Opposite Sex) with whom you can practice between classes.
  • Participants are required to attend sessions in accordance with their registered programme schedule. All sessions attended outside of registered programme schedules will be considered Additional Sessions. Any session missed from your registered schedule will be considered defaulted.
  • Participants registered as Couples must attend all sessions with their registered partner, as priority will be given to first pairing-up partners between and among with participants registered as individuals.
  • Current ABDA INTERMEDIATE I & II Students will be allowed to Trade-up existing Classes to any of the FTP Sessions 1-4.
  • All general FTP terms and conditions will apply.
  • Each Session has a 1 1/2 hour duration with an additional 1/2 hr practice time.

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